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Black Coffee robbed at gunpoint

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

The robber approached his car, smashed the window with a hammer and demanded that he give him his watch.

Nkosinathi ‘Black Coffee’ Maphumulo was robbed at gunpoint at a local petrol station on Saturday. Taking to Twitter to share with his fans after the incident, the DJ said he was at the station when a random guy approached his car and demanded him to open his car’s window.

He then smashed the window with a hammer and pointed a gun at him and further demanding his watch.

According to Coffee, the guy who robbed him of his watch drove off in a white Polo Vivo. He only showed gratitude that he came out of the incident alive and “okay”.

“Video footage and number plate will be posted soon,” he said.

He had not posted the footage at the time of publishing.


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