SAA ‘doesn’t think’ DJ Zinhle’s man is cute

DJ Zinhle and Brendon Naidoo.

DJ Zinhle and Brendon Naidoo.

Come on now SAA, everyone knows he’s a hottie…

What seemed like a serious complaint from DJ Zinhle to SAA ended with a request from the DJ that no one was expecting.

Taking to Twitter, DJ Zinhle tweeted SAA, complaining about her flight from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg that was delayed by four hours.

“So my flight from Zimbabwe to Johannesburg is delayed by 4 hours. Go @flysaa! It was the same thing yesterday.”

According to her, her flight on Tuesday had also been delayed

“My flight to Zimbabwe was scheduled to leave at 10:40 but we are only leaving now. SAA does not respect me shem,” she tweeted.

SAA responded to DJ Zinhle’s complaint and apologised for the delays.

“Hello, we apologise for the inconvenience. Feel free to tweet for updates. Have a lovey day [sic],” it tweeted.

Zinhle accepted their “cute” apology and said their response fixed everything.

“Great service guys,” she said.

However, her fans were having none of it as they started demanding that the airline do everything in its power to get Zinhle home to her boyfriend, Brendon Naidoo.

The DJ responded to her fans and told them she wanted the airline to at least agree that her boyfriend was cute. In fact, the matter was of national importance, according to her fans.

In the end, the poor airline were not able to give in to the pressure, so they stopped tweeting her.

“Even tho SAA doesn’t think my man is cute, he’s just made my day and told me he’s picking me up from the airport. Thought I was Uber-ing home,” she later said.

The airline seems to have been getting into a bit of trouble with jet-setting celebs, of late. Bonang Matheba also tweeted them on Wednesday, and it seemed she was not impressed with the snacks they had given her.

“What’s happening with this cheese board snack nyana what what? What is that?” she asked the national airline.

“We are pleased to have you on board once again Queen B! Please DM us with more details,” was their response.

We can only wonder how this one will be sorted out.




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