I didn’t have sex with Lucky Dube – Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau on set. Picture: Refilwe Modise

Khanyi Mbau on set. Picture: Refilwe Modise

A report claims Mbau confessed to having had sex with the late superstar.

Actor and musician Khanyi Mbau’s personal life has been thrust into the spotlight yet again. This time, a report claims Mbau had confessed that she had had sexual intercourse with the late Lucky Dube.

The report claims Mbau made the shocking revelation on her “Page”, but does not specify which page, claiming she deleted the post after a backlash from her followers.

It further claims Mbau said Dube used to give her a lift from school on several occasions since they used to stay in the same ‘hood.

We all know Mbau never takes rumours lying down and this time was no exception. She took to Facebook to deny the “disgusting” report, saying whoever wrote it was trying to bring her down and drag her name through the mud.

She denied dating Dube, saying she only had two ex-lovers; the first one being the father of her daughter, Mandla Mthembu, and “the other was a terrible choice out of not being guided correctly”.

“I owe nobody an explanation but to protect myself, my work and what has to be money to help raise my child as a single parent. To the Dube family I wrote a book on my encounters as a child and said once I close the book my past would be a closed chapter,” she wrote.

Mbau says this is not the first time incorrect stories have been written about her every time she has a “major deal” in the pipeline. There apparently were rumours about her having cancer just before her movie Happiness Is a Four-letter Word came out last year. Now this report is out just before the announcement of her “major deal”.

“Don’t you get it, you can’t stop me, but only delay me… Smear my name in which ever way u think it may heal you but God has set my destiny,” Mbau wrote.

“Talent is like education, you cannot steal it from me. Even if I die it leaves with me. To all my loyal fans, business partners and those who look up to me this is nothing but a small group of people that want to hinder my growth and our association. WE WILL NOT LET THEM WIN!!!”

Read her Facebook post below:

Khanyi Mbau's Facebook post.

Khanyi Mbau’s Facebook post.





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