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Absent Luthuli Dlamini booted from Generations

Luthuli Dlamini. Image courtesy of Facebook.com/LuthuliDlamini

Luthuli Dlamini. Image courtesy of Facebook.com/LuthuliDlamini

Generations star Luthuli Dlamini, who plays the part of Scott Nomvete in the popular SABC soapie, has had his contract terminated and been written out of the drama.

UPDATE: Luthuli Dlamini is now his own boss

According to insiders Dlamini invoked the wrath of the show’s producer Mfundi Vundla by failing to call in when he was ill early in December.

Such was the breach of protocol that when he returned to work and read the script Dlamini discovered that his character was due to die in a plane crash.

Speaking to Sunday Sun a Generations insider said, “He wasn’t well and couldn’t come in, so he failed to show up at work.

“And that is what got him fired. It was as simple as that. And when he did appear he had a big shock to discover that he had been written out of the storyline.

“Everyone else knew but him. He found out by reading the script. No warning or email was issued to him.”

Vundla would not be drawn on the subject of the Zimbabwean-born actor’s dismissal saying only, “I can confirm that his contract has been terminated. That is all that I will say.”

The star’s sudden dismissal has immediately seen parallels made between his current events and the way his contract terminated with his previous gig on eTV‘s Scandal!.

Dlamini was given the boot by Scandal after he went AWOL for two weeks in 2007 and insiders at generations suggest that his previous conduct may have led to the swift and decisive action taken by Vundla.

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