This week on Ashes to Ashes

Picture: Supplied.

Picture: Supplied.

Here’s what to expect this week on eTV’s Ashes to Ashes

Monday, 16 March 

The Namanes turn to traditional rituals to lift a dark cloud off the family. Tsietsi convinces Reba to stay. Damian and Stitch teach Violet the rules of “the dating game”. Tsietsi gets his hands dirtier than ever before.

Tuesday, 17 March 

Tsietsi has a disturbing nightmare. Reba quizzes Monwabisi about his love life and digs up some surprising dirt. Stitch reveals that he has a huge crush. Mandlakazi becomes obsessed with the midwife and sees her everywhere she goes. Selo is led into dark temptation.

Wednesday, 18 March 

Mandlakazi is distraught when Selo doesn’t come home. When Kgosi confronts Tsietsi, Mickey realises Tsietsi is in over his head. Reba gets an unexpected visitor. Violet struggles to put Damian & Stitch’s “guy code” into action to win Tsietsi over.


Thursday, 19 March 

Mandlakazi is sick with worry over Selo’s disappearance and puts things into motion to solve the crisis. Violet masters the guy code with Tsietsi, much to his confusion and Stitch’s pleasure. Damian loses it with Violet.




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