Somizi and Mohale celebrate anniversary with romantic Kruger safari getaway

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung Image: Sceenshot

A little over a year ago Somizi and Mohale tied the knot so the couple celebrated their anniversary with a safari getaway.

Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung celebrated their one-year anniversary in style in a one-of-a-kind romantic treehouse that overlooks the andBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve, allowing the couple to be one with nature at this luxurious safari getaway.

The duo shared their experience with fans and full details of the trip will be shared on this week’s episode of The Insider SA.

Mohale says: “Telling our love story was not just about us as a couple, but it was also about making this a norm since people frown upon same-sex relationships, especially in many African countries. So, igniting what we have really ignites what other people could have.”

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This decision allowed all of SA to celebrate with the two on their special day. But since their wedding the couple have been non-stop hustling. “People think once you’ve made it you can just relax. It doesn’t work like that. The higher you get, the harder you have to work”, explains Somizi.

With Somizi a TV and radio personality and entrepreneur and Mohale an entrepreneur, model and actor, it’s hard for the newlyweds to catch a break. This is why their remote overnight retreat was even more special.

Somizi has previously posted glimpses of the getaway on his social media pages but many travelers wanted to know where the beautiful spot was located .

The couple’s retreat at the Ngala Treehouse is situated in the middle of the reserve. The design was inspired by the authentic nature and enormous marula trees that surround it. Most importantly, the treehouse is totally self-sustainable and was built with a light carbon footprint.

Being so high up in the trees allows guests to feel as though they are truly connected with the wildlife. “You’ll get to hear the sounds of the birds and all the other animals”, explains the Treehouse’s assistant manager, Fabiano Matias.

Since the andBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve lies on the unfenced border of the Kruger National Park, its wildlife, including the Big 5, are able to roam freely.

The treehouse is four stories high, kitted with a dark-wood kitchen, copper-accented bathroom,  spacious bedroom and a rooftop to gaze at the starlit sky after sunset.

Image: supplied

Next on their to-do list at Ngala was an unforgettable game drive through the reserve’s 14 700 hectares of private wilderness land. On their drive the couple spotted wildlife galore. For Somizi, the highlight was catching a glimpse of his spirit animal, the elephant. “Their presence is amazing. They’re big and strong, yet at the same time they’re gentle and humble.”

For Mohale, his highlight was a rare sighting of a buffalo kill by lions. This was made even more significant as Mohale’s surname, Motaung means Lion. “I’ve never seen lions feast like this but I’m very excited, they’re my favourite animal. They’re majestic! They’re so powerful.”

As for Somizi, he’d prefer merely observing them on TV. White lions with blood-stain coats are certainly an intimidating sight, especially considering how rare white lions really are. They have a rare colour mutation and are indigenous to the Timbavati region. In some African cultures, they’re regarded as divine.

Somizi says he will continue working on his cookbook to be released at the end of November for the festive season. This year has also introduced his very own cooking show, Dinner at Somizi’s, and soon we’ll be able to enjoy his crockery range, Somizi Crockery Range Kitchenware. As for the rest, he promises: “There’s a lot more for 2021”.

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