From homeless to employed and now, viral sensation

Twitter user @kalaxxyy posing with the woman who hired her | Image: Twitter

How did Kayallah go from dancing in a parking lot to becoming a viral sensation?

The woman who went viral for dancing in the parking lot outside an American restaurant after finding out she had gotten the job she applied for has documented her first day on the job.

Twitter user @kalaxxyy_, real name Kallayah, broke into a celebration dance that has been seen all over the world, hundreds of thousands of times.

This after content aggregation page @4theculture posted a video of Kallayah dancing because she was so happy she had been hired by a woman named Dakara Spence, who is the manager of an establishment called The Spot located in Decatur, Georgia.

In the video, Kallayah can be seen checking the coast to see if she’s alone before doing a little private victory dance. However, her dance was not as private as she thought, because Spence spotted the dance on The Spot’s CCTV camera and posted it online.

At the time of writing, Spence’s original post had over 800,000 views.

A few hours later, Kallayah took to her Twitter to express her disbelief in the fact that a video of her had gone viral.

And after receiving messages of congratulations and other shows of support, she could not stop expressing her gratitude.

After showing up to her first day of work, she posed for a picture with Spence and shared it with the followers that wished her well.

She also participated in an interview with CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy, who discovered the reason for her unbridled joy.

According to Kennedy’s report, Kallayah has been homeless for two years and had lost a number of jobs recently due to the effects of the pandemic.

Spence told the publication that she was drawn to Kallayah’s energy, and that seeing her dance made her even happier about her decision to hire her.

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