WATCH: Reason addresses break up in new freestyle

Lootlove and Reason. Picture: Instagram

According to the rapper, he has been under some scrutiny since his breakup from his long-time girlfriend, Loot Love, was confirmed.

Save for the statement posted on Loot Love’s Instagram confirming that they were no longer together, not much as been said about the media personality’s split from her rapper boyfriend, Reason (real name Sizwe Moeketsi). 

“To be honest, I would have preferred not to say anything… but here we are: I got contacted by Sunday Sun and I thought it would be best for me to say something to avoid being misquoted or lied about. My team and I have responded to the journalist as well. Sizwe and I have separated, however, we continue to partner gracefully in raising our beautiful kids,” said Loot in a statement posted to her Instagram in early May.

In a recent video posted by fellow rapper Stogie T as part of his ‘Freestyle Friday’ series, Reason makes reference to an unnamed ex who called him a broken man. Fans have presumed that the ex in question is Loot Love (Luthando Shosha). 

The pair had been together for years before welcoming a set of twin girls in 2019.

“Man… It’s hard to Freestyle Friday when your life is the blue Monday, or navigate the Woolies on a Sunday when you’re front page. F*** sakes, I wish I could cover my eyes like cupcake. I didn’t need the noise for my daughter and my son’s sake. You asking me for bars, mom’s asking me to explain, all that disappointment like she’s looking at my dad’s face. My ex told me I’m a broken man spreading heartbreak so very much like B.I.G, it’s safe to say she lost faith…” 

The rapper also made reference to Twitter trolls who commented on the potential cause for the break-up and speculated that it could be due to financial reasons. 

“…Talking ’bout ‘his ass is really broke and that’s really why she hit the road. Since she let him go, maybe he could really blow.’ Meanwhile, I’m getting Samro cheques and plaques just for being a f***ing ghost.” 

He closed the verse off with a challenge to fellow rappers about the substance of their lyrics before making mention of the pandemic and the problems it has resulted in, like an increase in gender-based violence, the taxi strike and the headlines about police brutality. 

Reason further hinted that his next album may be his last. 

“My next album just might be the one I say goodbye with, so drop a ‘don’t leave me’ for every punchline I hit…”

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Monday Blues Maaaaan it’s hard freestyle Friday when your life is the blue Monday/ or navigate the woolies on a Sunday when you front page/ fuck sakes/ wish I could cover my eyes like cup cake/ I didn’t need the noise for my daughter and my sons sake/ You asking me for bars, moms asking me to explain/ all that disappointment like she looking at my dads face/ Ex told me I’m a broken man spreading heart break/ so very much like B.I.G, it’s safe to say she lost faith/ -So fuck a twitter troll, fuck you really know/ talking bout “His ass is really broke, that why she shit the road/ since she let him go, then maybe he can blow”/ meanwhile im getting Samro Cheques and plaque just for being a Fucken ghost/ But then I guess you right I can’t deny i need this doe/ cause I’m the bakers man and I could really ever sum more/ and really yes I know, I need the team to win the Goal/ but then, Liverpool taught me give it 30 year or so/ Rap got me feeling really dirty in my soul/ like why do we invest in disrespecting other dudes/ i challenge all you flossing rappers bragging on your songs/ give the people 10% of all your riches says the Lord/ The way we acting, you would think there was no crisis/ everyday without a doubt pandemic always rises/ cops are killing people while the taxi’s raise the prices/ and lockdown just increased the gender based Violence/ And All you fuckers do is choose to argue whose the nicest/ I’m sO bored with game, 30 seconds can’t describe it/ my next album might just be the one i say goodbye with/ so drop a don’t leave me for ever punchline I spit!! Or maybe I’m just in my feelings/ vivid dreams of visit from the King and queens of healing/ telling me revisit all the lyrics you spitting/ cause everybody sinking, music meant to be uplifting/ I listened/

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Reason is expected to release a new single this week and one can only wonder what he will rap about next. 

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