Twitter war brewing over Nigerian wedding guests moshing to heavy metal

‘I’m glad it’s sparked a discussion about Black people and the music society expects us to listen to.’ – Twitter user

A video of Nigerian wedding guests really getting down, lyrics and all, has gone viral on social media this week – and the reason will blow your mind.

The revellers go crazy to the track Toxicity, by Armenian-American heavy metal/rock group System of a Down and it’s really something to behold. So much so that Black Twitter started weighing in on how this is a loved genre of music among black communities and yet still doesn’t feature enough Black artists.

@William_Njo posted that: “Rock music at Nigerian weddings needs to be normalised!! Love this!”

But not everyone was feeling the energy and trolls like @_africanname_ responded to @William_Njo’s comment with this:

@William_Njo, ever so diplomatic, replied with: “I’m glad this post has sparked a discussion about Black people and the music that society expects us to listen to. We are multifaceted. I’ve been listening to rock since school & was always told “you’re not black” because of it. I love pop music, hip-hop & afrobeats just as much.”

For a genre of music that prides itself on accepting everyone (barring Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz), most fans of rock and metal have for the longest time felt there are too few role models for aspiring black metal musicians to look up to.

Either way, we feel the energy of the wedding guests.

Watch the video:

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