‘Moments’ book journeys into emotions people are feeling during lockdown

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The book is a collection that extends to advice and hopes for the writer’s friends and loved ones.

Mich Atagana, a former editor at multimedia publishing company Burn Media where she ran Memeburn and Ventureburn, has published her second book, Moments: Thoughts, feelings, poems and the truths that make us human.

Holding a masters degree in new media and journalism, Atagana is well travelled and has extensive knowledge about start-ups and technology. Her new book journeys into the emotions people are feeling during lockdown.

While we’re navigating a virus that has constrained our movements, this book from travel junkie Atagana invites us to open up, feel, love, think and celebrate the truths that make us human. All without leaving our homes.

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The book was inspired by a chance conversation with her best friend during lockdown. They had been sharing their daily routines and doing things “together” while apart, using technology to keep in touch. Everything, that is, except exercise, which is not Atagana’s favourite pastime.

Drawing on traditional descriptions of romantic love to portray a platonic relationship, she captures the intensity of our yearning for contact with others during lockdown.

The book is a collection that extends to advice and hopes for her friends and loved ones, using juxtapositions like the above to describe moments, feelings and thoughts. It includes pieces written as early as 2008, although the vast majority of the book was composed as cathartic relief during South Africa’s lockdown.

She refuses to call the book an anthology since none of the writings rhyme although all have undeniable rhythm. But the hand of a poet is clearly visible in the four sections: love, loss, the magic of women, and faith.

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Broader themes arc across the narrative and Atagana said the book had something for everyone.

“It is about the love that we all share, the pain that we carry, the joy that fills us and the hope that lifts us up. And when you read this, I hope that you read it with that lens. That our lives are a collection of moments that make us who we are.

“I wanted people to go beyond reading it to feeling it, so it is deliberately accessible, to allow people to see themselves in the book, and find expression for emotions they may not be able to find words for.”

Moments is available in Amazon and Kindle formats.

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