WATCH: Sho Madjozi freaks out after meeting John Cena

Sho Madjozi freaks out after meeting John Cena | Image: YouTube

She said she would freak out if she ever met him and that’s exactly what she did when she saw his face.

After months of only interacting via social media, South African music sensation Sho Madjozi finally got to meet WWE superstar John Cena and it is safe to say she positively lost her sh** when it happened.

Speaking to musician turned talk show host Kelly Clarkson prior to her performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Madjozi shared how she had not yet met the star after releasing the freestyle she named after him during her performance on music platform Colors.

“So did you actually ever get to meet him after you did?” asked Clarkson, to which Madjozi replied: “No, of course not. At least not yet.”

“Oh, that’s a bummer. I think he posted. Didn’t he post about it as well, when he found out?” said Clarkson in a follow-up question.

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“I don’t know if he posts for himself but on his page, he put the picture of me there… He doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t caption, he doesn’t tag me, nothing…” said Madjzoi.

She then went on to say she wouldn’t know what to do with herself if she ever met him because she loves him so much.

“Well, it’s a first season. He’s not here. We have a small budget,” responded Clarkson before saying that he was probably watching at home.

Clarkson then led an energetic Madjozi to the performance stage while silently mouthing: “Oh my God, I love her.”

Just as Madjozi was getting into her performance, John Cena appeared from backstage and danced his way over to her. It took her a while to realize what was happening but her reaction when she does is priceless. Watch the moment below:

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