City of Joburg co-opts Sho Madjozi’s John Cena success

Sho Madjozi - John Cena | A COLORS SHOW | Image: YouTube

Known for making use of whatever the day’s hottest trending topic is, COJ immediately jumped on the #JohnCena bandwagon.

South African musician Sho Madjozi once again found herself trending on Twitter on Thursday morning after her recent Colors performance, where she debuted her hit single ‘John Cena,’ and it hit 1 million views after just eight days.

Known for making use of whatever the day’s hottest trending topic is, the City of Joburg (COJ) immediately jumped on the #JohnCena bandwagon by taking advantage of the fact that very few people understand Sho Madjozi’s language. In addition, she has not yet actually released the full track, which she came up with on the spot at the Colors studio.

In fact, Madjozi only finished recording a full version of ‘John Cena’ on Tuesday, and it is still being mixed and mastered before it gets released officially.

“Did you guys hear the line in the song when @ShoMadjozi says: ‘Switch off the lights. Turn off the plugs #Saveelectricity like #JohnCena'” tweeted the City of Joburg.

A follower of the COJ account tried to get Joburg Water to join in on the fun, but they dropped the ball.

The official Rea Vaya account did, however, get the trend right.

As did the Joburg Public Safety account.

Some on Twitter have been fooled by an edited clip on John Cena following up his Instagram shoutout of Sho Madjozi by making her song his official entrance music on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). That hasn’t actually happened yet.

Fans all over the world have also been sending her videos of themselves, their children and their family members watching the Colors performance.

You can watch ‘Sho Madjozi – John Cena | A COLORS SHOW’ below:

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(Compiled by Kaunda Selisho)

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