Interracial kiss angers racist ‘7de Laan’ viewers

Interracial kiss angers racist ‘7de Laan’ viewers

7de Laan's NIcholas Nkuna and Carina Nel lock lips

The actors have reportedly even received hate mail from angry viewers.

Despite this being the latest in a long line of interracial relationships for one of SABC 2’s flagship soapies, some 7de Laan viewers still refuse to get with the times.

The latest on-screen relationship between Fikile (Nicholas Nkuna) and Alexa (Carina Nel) has resulted in the show receiving hateful comments via social media in addition to Nel receiving hate mail from racist viewers.

In the comments underneath one of the many social media posts featuring the couple, viewers can be seen expressing their disgust and threatening to boycott the show.

News24 reports that Nel has since received hate mail from viewers after the kiss aired.

“I used to like you on 7de Laan. But I am glad you are not my wife after that episode. Actress or not, I would never have kissed you again. Sis, man, you are dragging white girls’ name through the mud,” read one of the statements from an unnamed viewer.

The upset racists were in the minority however as many viewers quickly tried to put them in their place and squash the negativity in the comments section by showing their support.

The soapie is no stranger to controversy as its experimental storylines continue to draw the ire of different groups.

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