What to expect from Graham Norton’s glamorous guests

Graham Norton with (left to right) Ruth Wilson, Steve Carell, Dawn French, Michael B Jordan and Cheryl Tweedy. Picture: Supplied

Graham Norton with (left to right) Ruth Wilson, Steve Carell, Dawn French, Michael B Jordan and Cheryl Tweedy. Picture: Supplied

On December 18, the show’s guests include Matthew McConaughey, John Cena and Jamie Oliver.

On The Graham Norton Show on December 11 on BBC Brit (DStv Channel 120), the host has a raft of great guests.

He interviews Oscar-nominated actor and comedian Steve Carell, Dawn French, Black Panther star Michael B Jordan, star of The Affair and Luther, Ruth Wilson, and singer songwriter Cheryl Tweedy.

Carell talks about being G.I. Joe, French reveals she has named her body parts, Jordan talks about taking on the Rocky mantle, Wilson says playing her own grandmother is insane and Tweedy explains why she took a four-year break.

About his new movie, Welcome to Marwen, Carell says: “It’s a difficult concept to get your head around, but god, I look good as G.I. Joe!”

Revealing that as a young man he took part in revolutionary war reenactments, he adds: “I played the fife and got dressed up. “It was so, so nerdy to speak about when I was 17 and definitely not to girls!”

Dawn explains the concept of pantomime to a bemused Steve and Michael, saying: “It’s a bit like opening a tin of Quality Street – it’s very joyful.”

About starring in Snow White this year, she says, “Pantomime is back! This one has won Olivier Awards and I was gagging to be part of it. It’s great fun.”

And on her new book, Me You A Diary, she says: “It’s a bit of wisdom about the things I’ve learnt and some questions I’ve still got about life. It’s to remind you throughout the year to like yourself.”

Talking about liking various parts of her body and how she has named them, she says: “For example, my boobs are Ant and Dec because one is slightly smaller, My more intimate areas are called Mumford and Sons because they are beardy!”

Michael, bout Creed II, and starring alongside Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren, says: “It’s pretty cool.”

Asked if it’s true that Stallone is handing over the Rocky mantle to him, he says: “On the last day of filming everyone gave their wrap speech and he segued into passing the torch to me. I got really emotional really fast because I wasn’t expecting it from him.

“It’s a character that he has played for 40 plus years, longer than I have been alive. It was pretty special. We’ll see what happens with Creed III. I’m pretty sure he’ll be back.”

About working opposite real-life boxers, he says: “It makes it believable. We need real fighters in there to sell it. It worked and it made it make sense.”

And on taking a real punch in the first movie, he says; “It felt like I was in a car accident, but I wasn’t technically knocked out. I was seeing stars, but I thought it must be a good take so I stayed down!”

Talking about her new BBC series, Mrs Wilson, and about how playing her own grandmother makes the role harder, Ruth says: “It’s insane. It’s madness to turn up and play mother to my dad and my uncle. I have to give birth to my own father at one point, which is totally bizarre.

“I do feel sorry for my dad. As an actor, I have put my parents through so much on screen and now he’s got to watch his daughter give birth to him. It’s so weird!”

Tweedy performs Love Made Me Do It live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat. Talking about why she took a four year break before her comeback, she says: “I needed it. You get into a routine and are on a treadmill for years and years. When you have a break, you have time to refocus and re-appreciate everything. It feels good.”

Asked if there is an album coming out soon, she says: “I have a body of work so I do have enough material for an album. “But since I’ve been gone, streaming has come in so I will release singles and possibly do an album sometime.”

Talking about the inspiration for her new single, she says: “It kind of pokes fun at me. It’s not about anybody.”

On December 18, Graham’s guests include Matthew McConaughey, John Cena and Jamie Oliver.

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