Prokid’s baby brother in a downward spiral

Prokid’s baby brother in a downward spiral

Sandile Mkhize aka. DJ Citi Lyts | Image:

Ambitiouz Entertainment artist, DJ Citi Lyts is reportedly using partying as a coping mechanism in the wake of his brother’s death.

Prokid’s baby brother, Sandile Mkhize, who is popularly known as DJ Citi Lyts has reportedly been on a downward spiral after his brother’s death.

Numerous sources close to the family have gone on the record with Sunday Sun to state that Mkhize has allegedly been on a partying spree after his late brother Linda ‘Prokid’ Mkhize’s policies paid out.

The partying has reportedly gotten so bad that it has caused strain on his relationships with his girlfriend, fellow rapper Gigi Lamayne, and his mother, Fikile Vilakazi.

The paper reported that Lamayne (real name Genesis Manney) recently broke up with Mkhize after finding out he was seeing other women. Lamayne, who has been cheated on before, would not stand for it.

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When contacted for comment, she allegedly said, “Citi is a grown man. Talk to him. I’m cool,” while Mkhize refused to comment.

It has also been reported that his mother’s health has taken a dip in the wake of Pro’s death and disputes over his estate contributed to the deterioration of her health.

According to Sunday Sun, although Fikile was listed as the main beneficiary, she had entrusted the money to Sandile who then used it to fund his new lifestyle.

As a result, she was then admitted to Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital as the funds for a private facility were not available.

No word on whether or not Mkhize has gone to see her but she did confirm to the paper that she is still in the hospital, having her high blood pressure monitored and that the family did not want to spend money at a private clinic for such a minor issue.

Mkhize was once again unavailable for comment. He did however put up a recent Instagram story that seems to hint at the fact that he will be bowing out of the music business once he fulfils his obligations to record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment. 

DJ Citi Lyts instagram story | Image: Instagram

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