Horror crash helped Lindi launch her singing career

Singer Lindi is opening up about how a near-fatal crash helped put her life on the right path.

Lindi ‘Lindi Marc’ Marcellus’ dream of becoming a gospel singer almost ended when she was involved in a car accident in 2015.

The Zimbabwean-born singer, who has been living in South Africa since 2008, says before the horror crash, she put her career on the back-burner to take care of her family and focus on her business ventures.

Speaking to the Daily Sun, Lindi says surviving the accident helped her realise that she had to follow her dreams before it was too late.

“While I was in hospital, my husband promised to find me a studio and producer as I had almost lost my life before I could make my dream a reality,” she told the publication.

Two years after the crash, Lindi released her first album, Vhurai Nzira.

She is already working on a second album, which she plans to release later this year.

Her debut album was well received in SA, and Lindi hopes to get a similar response with her upcoming offering.

Despite finally getting her big break in the gospel industry, making it as an up-and-coming singer is not easy.

“I thought pursuing a gospel career in South Africa would be easy. I thought making money here would be a breeze, but it wasn’t.”

Lindi’s husband, Kross Marcellus Moses, is helping her every step of the way.

He manages the singer under his burgeoning record and artist management company, Double MC Production.

Lindi’s new album is set to be released on November 9.

Her fans are no doubt glad her brush with death inspired her to pursue her music career.

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