Cassper’s back in Twitter’s crosshairs

Cassper Nyovest: Picture: Video screenshot

Cassper Nyovest: Picture: Video screenshot

Tweeps are apparently upset that Cassper didn’t check in with his depressed friend.

After witnessing all the vitriol and trolling that takes place on social media, one would think that a site like Twitter would be the last place one would bare one’s soul.

Cassper Nyovest found this out the hard way recently when he posted a rather heartfelt tweet about the passing of one of his friends.

“Just got the news that one of my childhood friends took his life today. Guys depression is a real thing but it can be beaten. Please get help. We need you and we love you. Rea le rata Guys,” Cassper tweeted.

Cassper’s right: depression is a real thing and anyone suffering from it should get help. But while many fans weighed in with condolences and words of support, some tweeps decided that this was the best time to issue condemnation and start trolling.

The comments section of Cassper’s tweet blew up and a lot of it makes for pretty grim reading.

Ouch! Is this really necessary? While Cassper’s antics on Twitter are filed and receipted (and not all of them are positive) is this really the time to take potshots at him on social media when he’s grieving?

Fortunately, a lot of tweeps jumped to his defence.





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