Sjava a no-show at concert

Fans were left angry and disappointed when the performer didn’t appear at the Moretele Tribute Concert

Festival goers and music fans were left angry and disappointed when Sjava failed to perform at the Moretele Tribute Concert in Mamelodi, according to a report in the Daily Sun.

The tabloid says that the BET Viewers Choice Award winner for Best International Act was one of the key acts advertised to perform at the festival, along with Amanda Black and Sun El Musician, who also didn’t show up.

Fans were reportedly already in a foul mood thanks to a power failure earlier in the day. They waited through the night for the acts to take the stage and became angry when they saw morning approaching and Sjava wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

When the festival organisers announced the final act would be a jazz act, the audience erupted in boos, with some saying they were going nowhere until they’d seen Sjava perform.

Festival organiser Sam Mhangwani told the paper that Sjava’s absence was a mystery to him because the artist had already been paid. He added that Amanda Black was at the festival, but she left around 11:20pm.

“I don’t know whether she was rushing to another gig or not,”¬†Mhangwani was quoted.

Sjava told the paper it was unfortunate he’d let his fans down, but would not disclose where he’d been performing on Saturday.

“I don’t decide where to perform,” Sjava was quoted. “There are people who do that for me.”






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