Sho Madjozi kicked off stage at Afropunk afterparty

Apparently, the security guards didn’t appreciate Majozi’s twerking skills near the DJ booth.

We’ve all been there. You know, you sneak into an afterparty of a festival in the early hours of the morning and decide to dance the night away on a stage in front of the DJ booth.

Well, actually we all haven’t been there. But Sho Madjozi has and as it turned out, her evening revelry was cut short by some humourless security guard.

According to a report on TimesLIVE, Madjozi (real name¬†Maya Wegerif) sneaked on stage at the Afropunk Festival’s afterparty and began dancing in front of a rather appreciative crowd.

Unfortunately for Madjozi, however, while the crowd cheered on her antics, the festival’s security took a rather dim view of it and a guard confronted her on stage.

Not one to be deterred, Madjozi carried on dancing and even twerked up against the security guard who wanted her off the stage. She was eventually escorted off the stage, much to the crowd’s dislike, who booed the bouncer as he led Madjozi away.

“I need you to understand how I was doing the most. They tried to kick me off multiple times but, seriously, I was doing a lot,” Madjozi said on Instagram.

No need to explain it to us, Sho! We’re on your side!




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