Tweeps roast AKA fan over ‘Supa Mega’ tattoo

Tweeps roast AKA fan over ‘Supa Mega’ tattoo

A loyal AKA fan had “Supa Mega” tattooed on his chest, but the rapper is the only one celebrating the move…

AKA is a big fan of tattoos, and recently added some new ink to his sleeve tattoo, but he is not the only one showing off a new tattoo.

One of his fans shared an image of a ‘Supa Mega’ tattoo he had inked on his chest in honour of the Star Signs hitmaker.

“This is the LEVEL, yaundastand?” AKA wrote in a since deleted post.

He also gave the die-hard fan a special shout-out.

“Shout out to the homie who got SUPA MEGA TATTED ON HIS CHEST. I wasn’t on twitter like that at the time. But yo, I just want you to know I saw that shit…. and it made me feel better (sic),” he added in another post.

AKA might have been pleased with the tribute, but many Twitter users roasted the fan for showing his loyalty in such a permanent way.

“DEAR Tattoo artist who made this. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know where you are, but I know I have a particular set of skills of training. I WILL FIND YOU AND I’LL KILL YOU FOR F**KING UP THIS GUY,” one Tweep wrote, adding a meme of Liam Neeson from the move Taken.

It’s no surprise that AKA did not see anything wrong with his fan’s tattoo tribute, as he has also paid tribute to one of his music icons. AKA has a tattoo of Michael Jackson’s face on his arm. He also got a tattoo in honour of his daughter Kairo shortly after her birth in 2015.

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