VidCon returning to Amsterdam to aid budding video stars

VidCon returning to Amsterdam to aid budding video stars

Move over Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie. Today’s kids no longer want to be Hollywood movie stars. Instead the world of online video beckons.

And aiming to help young vloggers and YouTubers to capitalise on a growing market, VidCon Europe announced Tuesday it will return to Amsterdam next year for the second time — for the only European edition of its hugely popular VidCon US staged annually in Anaheim, California.

“If you’re between the ages of 10 and 20 what is the number one career when asked what do you want to be when you grow up? The number one thing is an online video star,” VidCon chief executive Jim Louderback told AFP.

In April, Amsterdam became VidCon’s first foray out of the United States. Every year tens of thousands flock to the annual get-together in California, which since its launch eight years ago has become a hot venue for those in the driving seat of an online revolution.

The second edition of VidCon Europe will be held in the Dutch capital from March 22-24, 2018, and organisers are confident they will attract more than the 3,000-plus fans who flocked to the city this April.

But the focus is changing with less emphasis this time on helping fans to meet their online crushes.

“VidCon Europe 2017 will be more of a learning, educational and inspirational event,” said Louderback.

The aim will be to help those already online or targeting a career on YouTube to “develop their skills, build bigger audiences, their communities and make better videos.”

“In the movie industry you have all these gatekeepers that keep you from being able to become a movie star,” said Louderback.

“With online video everybody can create a video and post it. They’re not all going to be good. But you don’t have to be in one of these centres of movie-making to be able to rise to the top, and find your audience.”

During the three-day event more than 1,000 emerging and established vloggers will conduct workshops on how to cash in online success, work with brands and produce high-quality content.






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