WATCH: The Koko Mantsha klap ‘Skeem Saam’ fans are talking about



Koko Mantsha was so disgusted with Charity she told her she should have died in that accident in Mozambique.

Koko Mantsha has been the talk of the Twitter streets following last night’s episode of Skeem Saam. She finally confronted her daughter, Charity, after finding out she had been sleeping with John Maputla, a married man.

Maputla has been married to Meiki for a very long time, and was for a while considered a good man who loved his wife and children. This changed when he met Charity. The two had been secretly dating, but things went south when they were involved in a car accident in Mozambique. The secret came out, and Koko Mantsha was not impressed with her daughter.

She walked into her house and gave her that ‘you’re in trouble’ look we all get from our mothers, and before she knew it, she got a hot klap. She has been trending since, with people saying she represented every mother in the country.

Watch the video below posted by SABC Education Shows on YouTube:

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