Serge Cabonge to appear in international show about being a ‘blesser’

Serge Cabonge on eNCA last year

Serge Cabonge on eNCA last year

The ‘documentary’ will be aired later this year, according to a report.

Notorious “blesser” Serge Cabonge is set to get a reality show about his antics, according to Sunday Sun.

The paper reports that he was approached by MTV Live from London “to document his lavish lifestyle”.

A source told the paper the documentary would be aired within months.

Cabonge is apparently excited about the opportunity to set the record straight because he reportedly feels that people in South Africa do not properly understand the blesser phenomenon. He does not like the perception that blessers are “buying sex”, whereas he says he just likes to spoil the woman in his life.

Cabonge told the paper his documentary would be called MTV SHUGA and deal with the labels “sugar daddy, blesser and Ben 10”.

However, MTV told the paper that Cabonge would feature in a single episode, though other episodes would have different focuses.

Last year, eNCA investigative show CheckPoint spoke to Cabonge about his claim to have spent R100 000 on one of the women he had “blessed”.

Cabonge claimed that “75%” of the women in South Africa apparently expect money out of a relationship.




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