4DX: Moving and shaking the cinematic experience

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What is it? And why is it so cool?

This month South Africa will have the biggest footprint of 4DX theatres on the continent. Why? Well, adding more sensory experience to film seems to be big business.

While Imax and 3D and 3DX adds another level to your cinematic experience, when done right 4DX films create an unparalleled experience.

Want to sit in the car they’re driving on screen? Then 4DX is your new best friend. Next week NuMetro will launch South Africa’s fifth 4DX cinema at Emperors Palace. 4DX at Nu Metro Emperors Palace will feature an 84-seat cinema.

South Africa has one of the highest densities of 4DX cinemas in the world, and Nu Metro is also pleased to offer moviegoers the cheapest 4DX tickets in the world (tickets are only marginally higher than conventional 2D films).

“These world-class cinemas add a new dimension to popular blockbusters, to establish a one-of-a-kind trip to the movies. 4DX transports the viewer to get as close to experiencing the action on-screen as you can get,” explains managing executive Nitesh Matai.

Nu Metro’s 4DX cinemas feature seats that move in sync with what’s happening on screen driven by a sophisticated, computerised Servo motoring system in each seat (not hydraulics), allowing for realistic movement simulations – from racing a crash-car to falling through the sky or drifting on the ocean.

Cinemagoers can feel the wind in their hair, they can feel sprays of water or blasts of air hitting them from specialised effect systems installed in front of them, and they can smell the scent of the scenes on-screen – from flowers to burning rubber, the ocean or a fire – and be moved around in their seat to become a part of the movie itself.

How to pick a 4DX experience

  • Read reviews of films. Action-packed films translate well in 4DX.
  • Films set on the ocean are also quite immersive in 4DX – you’ll find the seats often emulate the waves of the ocean.
  • Horror or thriller films will offer great jump scares on 4DX. If you’re a fan of the genre you won’t leave disappointed.
  • Remember to book. 4DX cinemas are a tad smaller.
  • Skip the snacks. They might spill, so choose wisely.



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