Entertainment 19.3.2017 01:42 pm

Drake drops Black Coffee’s ‘Superman’, leaves out Bucie’s vocals

Bucie Nqwiliso.

Bucie Nqwiliso.

Now Twitter is having none of it, saying he should have kept her vocals.

Drake has released his latest offering More Life and included Black Coffee’s Superman (feat. Bucie), only that he replaced her vocals with Jorja Smith and Twitter is not impressed.

He also changed its title to Get It Together on his album, which does not seem to be a problem with them.

However, how can they replace Bucie’s vocals with Jorja Smith, who, according to them, is not a better vocalist?

Some have, however, defended him, saying it was his album and he could do whatever he wanted. At least he gave Bucie credit for it, they have argued.

These were some of the reactions on Twitter:




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