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Malema: I advised Riky Rick against joining Mabala Noise

EFF leader Julius Malema is pictured addressing a press briefing at the party’s head office in Braamfontein, Johannesburg 14 February 2017. Picture: Refilwe Modise

EFF leader Julius Malema is pictured addressing a press briefing at the party’s head office in Braamfontein, Johannesburg 14 February 2017. Picture: Refilwe Modise

Riky Rick’s words have come back to bite him after he called the EFF leader a liar last year.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has again taken to social media to comment on the drama that is taking place at Mabala Noise.

Malema, who has always criticised the record label for being “corrupt”, said he knew rapper Riky Rick and Major League personally, and had advised them against joining the controversial record label.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa also commented on the news, saying the record label was now feeling the “pinch”.

“They are the masters of using people,” he said.

Last year, Malema alleged at a press conference that an amount of R5 million was apparently being paid to Mabala Noise artists, which is owned by Reggie Nkabinde, the national treasurer of the ANC Youth League.

Malema made further allegations, accusing Nkabinde of using the record label as a front to launder millions he had received in water and sanitation tenders from Nomvula Mokonyane, the former Gauteng premier, now the water and sanitation minister.

Mokonyane was also the head of the ANC’s election campaign.

“Nomvula likes them young. All these boys that are working for and with her are young boys,” said Malema. He joked that Nkabinde was getting tenders from Mokonyane’s department as if water had something to do with music.

Mabala Noise was established by Nkabinde and a business partner, DJ Bongz. The duo signed close to 20 artists, including rapper Riky Rick, Nasty C, Major League DJs, Khanyi Mbau, Zola and others.

A visibly frustrated Malema also alleged that Nkabinde was running a money laundering scheme and had spent R10 million on bringing international star Chris Brown to the country during the Durban July.

“Mabala Noise is used to steal money. Artists under Mabala Noise received R5 million. Mabala Noise is owned by Youth League TG. They used unconscious rappers who are committed to money. They used artists who are not like Hugh [Masekela] and Ma [Miriam] Makeba.

“They take celebrities from Reggie’s stable and give them R5 million. Money unfortunately plays a big role in [election] campaigns.”

In a clear reference to the dancing ANC president, Jacob Zuma, and an admission by Mokonyane that the party had spent more than R1 billion on its election campaign, Malema said: “People spent a billion on dabbing. But dabbing has fallen,” said Malema.

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On Monday morning, the rapper  announced he was no longer part of the record label.

In a series of tweets, the Sidlukotini rapper said the past couple of weeks had been “hectic”, further saying the speech he made at the Metro FM Awards two weeks back was “a moment of clarity” for him.

“I didn’t think about the consequences or who would get mad. I just wanted to do the right thing. Inspire the kids to not be slaves to them,” he said.

He further alleged Mabala Noise took back the material things they had given him and threatened him and his family’s future.

“They want us gone,” he said.

He said the record label would try to make his decision a political matter when, in fact, he was just “woke”.

However, Mabala Noise’s head of communications Mhlo Gumede has denied that the rapper has terminated his contract with the record label. Gumede said the record label still had a “long-standing contract” with him that was still in place.

Though the Sodlukotini hit maker has announced his exit from the stable, Gumede said she did not know what he was talking about, as the two parties had never sat down and discussed him leaving.

Sowetan has reported that Mabala Noise has demanded that Riky Rick return the car they bought him, and the more than R12 million he was paid as an advance.

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