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MultiChoice announces price hikes from April



Responding to critics, MultiChoice said it was doing everything to keep its services affordable to the customers.

MultiChoice has announced price increases for DStv subscribers from April 1.

DStv Compact subscription will move from R345 to R365, while family subscribers will be paying R235, from R219. The most expensive service, premium subscription will be moving to R789.

The subscription fees of its cheapest offerings, DStv Access (R99) and DStv EasyView (R29) will remain unchanged. Other services that remain unchanged are Access Fee, BoxOffice rentals and decoder insurance. Responding to complaints that it kept increasing prices yet there were still repeats on its shows, MultiChoice said it has done everything to keep the services affordable.

“We’re committed to keep improving our offering so it gets better every year,” it said.

Check out the new prices below:


And the DStv Add-ons:


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