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Date My Family’s Atang ‘impregnated girlfriend of three years’

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

The whole blind date was apparently a lie, as the girl who picked him was the one he had been allegedly cheating on his baby mama with.

In yet another dramatic episode of Date My Family, one of the male candidates, Atang Letsoalo, has been accused of already being in a relationship with a woman named Dineo. In a series of tweets by InnoMatijane that have since been deleted, Letsoalo has apparently been dating Dineo for three years and she was pregnant with his child.

“Atang bro, you’re in love with my friend, she’s pregnant with your baby now, you promised me you’ll do right by her now you’re on DMF WTF,” he said.

According to Matijane, Dineo was crying throughout the whole episode as she watched her baby daddy going on a date with another woman. Her father allegedly has not spoken to her since she fell pregnant, as Letsoalo had not paid for damages.



Matijane further alleged that Letsoalo and the girl he went on a date with, Onthatile, already knew each other. In fact, she was the one Letsoalo was cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with.


He further warned Onthatile that when things go sour between them, Letsoalo was going to run back to his baby mama.



Letsoalo took to social media to respond to the allegations, saying he went on the show for the experience. He further denied that he had impregnated someone, asking whoever was accusing him of doing so to double-check their information.

“Hahahahaha eish I never ever thought in my life I would laugh the way I did in the early hours of today.. Yes Me and my boys went on Date My Family.. It was awesome experience and just like all we do in life we wanted to win* And we did..

“I just want to say to all those I have ever had encounters with and you have a child now.. please double check with your baby daddy because apparently I have like dozen of kids hey…. those who are still carrying my kids step forward bring them forth so I can raise them please.. its 2017 lets start on a clean slate,” he wrote.

Date My Family is a show that sees a contestant visit the families of three potential dates. In the end, the contestant chooses one person to go on a blind date with, based on how well the family members sold the candidate.

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