WATCH: This has to be the best Chicken Licken ad ever

Chicken Licken

Chicken Licken

Some people will go to great lengths just to satisfy their cravings for chicken, as this ad proves.

Chicken Licken has recently released a new advert, and all the chicken lovers are going crazy over it. The ad, posted on its Facebook page, shows an afronaut, Rodwell Tshabalala, being sent to space just to deliver chicken to the poor astronauts suffering from cravings.

The ad shows Tshabalala’s spacecraft launching until it successfully reaches the other astronauts on the other side of atmosphere, whose excitement is ruined when they realise the cravings got to Tshabalala, as he had finished their chicken on his way out into space.

Watch the hilarious ad below:

Chicken Licken has previously done excellent ads around the theme of craving that get the best of us, particularly the rather creepy but evocative one of the man whose cravings become a burden, shown as a monkey growing on his back and wearing him down.

You might remember this ad:

Or this one:

If Chicken Licken continues to do ads like these ones, we will probably finally realise that they’ve been deserving of a spot next to Nando’s for legendary ads.




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