George Swainson – CEO of Pawfect Pets
3 minute read
14 Mar 2020
8:42 am

Advice from man’s best friend on how to own an outstanding dog

George Swainson – CEO of Pawfect Pets

Humans, it’s quite simple. You are going to get what you put in.

George Swainson, CEO of Pawfect. Picture: Supplied

At Puppy School I was taught that my human was going to feed me, take me for walks and love me. In return I was to bark enthusiastically, lick them all over when they came home, only wee in certain places, and generally make them feel like they are the most amazing, wonderful human being on the planet. I believe that I have excelled in all of these areas, but I want to share with you how to be an OUTSTANDING dog and live life unleashed.

If I was to write an instruction manual for humans on “How to own an outstanding dog like me” it would start off with ‘Let your dog roll in ‘eau de poo’, sleep on your bed and spoil them with lots and lots of belly rubs and treats’. However, I am not sure this will go down well with every human, so I have changed it slightly for them to understand… they are quite simple creatures.

Humans, these are my top tips for you to get the best from your dog:

  1. Give them a Pawfect protein-rich diet to help keep your pet’s weight under control, their coat shining and overall good health.
  2. Get active – make sure your dog gets regular exercise, it’s good for humans too. Before heading out, consider your dog’s, breed, health and build. For example short-nosed or flat-nosed breeds are unlikely to be able to go on long runs while your gun dogs are made for longer adventures. Remember, dogs need to get fit gradually so build up slowly. If you are unsure consult your vet for advice on your breed.
  3. Learn to like the vet. At some stage your dog will need to visit the vet. Try and expose them from a young age. If your vet is in agreement, pop in for a quick visit (not a consultation with treatments), let them sniff and relax and then reward with treats and leave again. Try and create a positive experience for your dog to associate the vet with.
  4. Don’t skip training. A good family dog should know the basic obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, drop, and recall. Get into a routine of training for 5 mins a day, be sure to make it fun and filled with rewards. It is good for your dog and builds your bond with them.
  5. Give your dog love and attention. Let me explain. For us, our humans are our world. When they walk through the door it’s like Christmas morning… every time (no matter how long you have been gone). We know our human’s habits and could probably tell you about their bowel movements, what shampoo they use and how they are feeling. We watch and observe them all the time. We love morning snuggles and coffee dates and simply want to be close to them. We see when they are happy and when they are sad. We know which shoes mean we are going for a walk and when it’s time to settle down and watch your favourite TV show. We simply want to be part of the family.

So, humans it’s quite simple, you are going to get what you put in. We will love you unconditionally but the more you teach and love us the more enjoyable owning ‘man’s best friend’ becomes.


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