Alice Spenser-Higgs
4 minute read
1 Dec 2019
12:24 pm

Tropicals for indoors and out

Alice Spenser-Higgs

Peperomia is a small, colourful and textured foliage plant, originally from tropical Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies.

Delicious monster – use its bold foliage to effect

Here are two misconceptions that gardeners hold onto; that all succulents need full sun and that tropical plants are tender and water-hungry. The reality is that many succulents do better in semi-shade while tropical plants are among the toughest plants around, provided they are not planted in the blazing sun. And, they are almost as water-wise as succulents. The misconceptions around tropical plants probably arise from their use as indoor plants, which implies the need for special care. As garden plants, they stand up to the extremes of rain interspersed with long dry periods, because many are adapted to storing...