Lisa W. Foderaro
7 minute read
21 Mar 2021
6:51 am

Call of the wild: effect of travel hiatus

Lisa W. Foderaro

In meaningful ways, the pandemic revealed that wildlife will regroup if given the chance.

Monkeys in Phi Phi. Picture: iStock

With flights cancelled, cruise ships moth-balled and vacations largely scrapped, carbon emissions plummeted. Wildlife that usually keeps a low profile amid a crush of tourists in vacation hot spots suddenly emerged. And a lack of cruise ships in places like Alaska meant that humpback whales could hear each other’s calls without the din of engines. That’s the good news. On the flip side, the disappearance of travellers wreaked its own strange havoc, not only on those who make their living in the tourism industry but on wildlife itself, especially in developing countries. Many governments pay for conservation and enforcement through...