Jim Freeman
4 minute read
16 Aug 2020
9:42 am

Travelling solo: Do you have room for one?

Jim Freeman

I don’t know whether I should feel like Janet Leigh checking into the Bates Motel or Don Henley knocking on the doors of the Hotel California.

Crovie village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Picture: Jim Freeman

Fans of British group Dire Straits will know the band regularly finished concerts with a Mark Knopfler-composed instrumental number, Going Home, the theme from a 1983 movie called Local Hero. In the movie, oil is discovered off Scotland and an American company representative is sent across the Atlantic to negotiate the purchase of a delightful little fishing village that will be demolished to make way for a refinery. Much of the story takes place in the local hotel, outside which is the quintessential red “tickey-box” – the village’s only means of communication with the outside world. Pennan and its near...