Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
27 Jul 2020
12:40 pm

The end of an era: Boeing 747’s final farewell

Brendan Seery

Even before coronavirus almost destroyed the global airline business, the days of mega-planes were numbered.

Boeing 747. Picture: iStock

Even though, as a plane-crazy kid I had followed the progress of the world’s biggest airliner, Boeing’s 747 “Jumbo”, I was still gobsmacked at the sight of the orange tail of the South African Airways jet, towering above the three-story airport terminal building. My three mates and I had cycled to the airport in Salisbury (now Harare, Zimbabwe) to witness the arrival of the massive plane. Most of the planes landing there in those days were propeller-driven, so this was a double treat for us. We could sense, then, that this plane would change the world. It was the single...