Frances Robles c.2020 The New York Times Company
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19 Jul 2020
9:10 am

Post-coronavirus cruises are not ready to sail

Frances Robles c.2020 The New York Times Company

Data shows that there were far more cases of Covid-19 on cruise ships than have been reported, but the companies and the CDC have yet to establish how the boats can come back.

Cruise ship. Picture: iStock

W Bradford Gary spent 10 days trapped inside a cruise ship cabin off the coast of Brazil in March while health authorities in several countries scrambled to figure out what to do with a vessel full of older people who had potentially been exposed to the coronavirus. But when faced with the question of whether he’d ever cruise again, he didn’t hesitate. “We are very anxious to get back on board,” he said, and he thinks he’s not alone: “There are people like us who want to do this.” Gary, 70, a retired corporate executive who lives in Palm Beach,...