Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
4 minute read
21 Jun 2020
8:32 am

11 cities that are on my travel ‘bin list’

Brendan Seery

The Romance Capital of the World? Get over yourself. Paris is grimy and dingy in places and unsafe in others.

Paris, France. Picture: iStock

Listing some of the cities I have been to – London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin, Prague, Las Vegas, Bangkok, Dubai, Rio De Janeiro, Havana – makes me seem like a show-off. But the reality, these are all places on my “bin list” – thanks but no thanks. Never want to go any of them again. Lest you think I don’t like cities in Europe and North America, I will say I will go to Washington again, to Copenhagen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Dublin and Vienna. The bin list surprises some people because the cities I can do without visiting again...