Shannon Sims c.2020 The New York Times Company
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14 Mar 2020
9:19 am

36 hours in Curaçao

Shannon Sims c.2020 The New York Times Company

Your weekend agenda on this Dutch West Indies isle: cove-hopping, sipping blue Curaçao liqueur, exploring a complex past and late-night people-watching

Curaçao. Picture: iStock

Turquoise waters, delicious seafood, colourful snorkelling and white sand: There are a lot of places in the Caribbean that have all these wonderful things, but Curaçao is one place you might not have discovered. Sandwiched between Aruba and Bonaire, and a short boat ride from the Venezuelan coast, Curaçao is bigger than its island neighbours and packed with memorable treasures for enterprising travellers to discover. Of the Dutch West Indies, Curaçao may very well be the most Dutch; the island’s capital, Willemstad, looks like a colourful mini Amsterdam, and Curaçao’s currency is called the guilder, the former currency of the...