Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
14 Mar 2020
8:02 am

Now is a good time to find bargains for game lodge getaways

Brendan Seery

In the accommodation business, it is about bums in beds and bringing in at least some money, particularly in a crisis situation such as this is.

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The coronavirus worries me in many ways – but its impact on travel is likely to have the most significant impact on my own life in the next few weeks. I have been invited, for the first time in all my years writing about travel, to take a trip on the Blue Train, from Cape Town to Pretoria at the end of this month. Shame, I hear you all saying – it’s tough. Think about this: what if they cancel and that bucket list trip falls through? That will entail a wasted airfare to Cape Town, too. On the other,...