Tariro Mzezewa © The New York Times Company
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1 Dec 2019
8:01 am

Rwanda attractions: Rain forests and a growing art scene

Tariro Mzezewa © The New York Times Company

A New Yorker article in 1994 described the genocide in Rwanda as being so dangerous that foreigners providing aid never went beyond the airport perimeter.

Lake Kivu, Rwanda. iStock

One street was described as a place “where everything is shot up and every building is riddled”. In the years since, conflict and strife have receded, with infrastructure rebuilt and the economy recovering. And through a combination of marketing, social media and development – and with the fading associations of discord that come with the passage of time – Rwanda is becoming a popular tourism destination. In Rwanda, tourism was up to 1.5 million visitors in 2017 from 826 000 in 2007, with tourists attracted to the country’s lush rain forests; the growing art scene in its capital, Kigali; and...