Costa Mokola
3 minute read
1 Dec 2019
9:24 am

Overcoming my fear of flying

Costa Mokola

Personally, if I could travel once more to the Cape, I’d still prefer sitting above four wheels, putting in fuel at every petrol station and getting a good meal from a deli.

Candid shot between seats of passengers sitting inside airplane while travelling.

Have you ever seen one of those movies that have some five-year-old kid lost in a grocery store, crying his eyes out and looking for his or her mother? Ever wondered what the kid could be feeling? Well imagine that five-year-old being 27, alone in an airport with nothing more than his smartphone. I had no tears running down my face but I did have loads of anxiety deep within me. You see, even though I am quite fond of the new tech around me (by that I mean I keep up with most of the latest trends), I had...