Liz Alderman c.2019 The New York Times Company
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3 Oct 2019
10:20 am

Tinos: An alluring alternative to Santorini

Liz Alderman c.2019 The New York Times Company

The sunset from the mountainside village is as breathtaking as a sunset on Santorini, without the hordes.

Tinos, Greece. Picture: iStock

Day trippers, cruise ships, home sharing, cheap airlines: they all contribute to tourism saturation in European hot spots. But there are quieter options, if you know where to look. This is the next in our series about European alternative destinations, which offer shelter from the crowds. Instead of Santorini: Tinos The luminescent sunset in Oia at the northern tip of the Greek island of Santorini has become one of the world’s most Instagrammable events: the fire-orange sun sinking behind an azure horizon; the sky blurring into a pearly shimmer; pink clouds tinting a whitewashed village on a volcanic cliff. It’s...