Citizen reporter
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4 Apr 2019
11:55 am

Airline launches luxury flights for pets

Citizen reporter

It's an over-the-top private jet travel experience for the pets of well-heeled owners.

An international aviation company known as VistaJet has announced the launch of a new animal companion service, called VistaPet, which takes things way too far in terms of luxury travel for pets.

The company collaborated with veterinarians, pet groomers, dietitians, and animal coaches to create an over-the-top luxurious travel experience for pampered animal travel companions on their 70 silver-and-red business jets.

It all begins with flying courses for nervous pets who are afraid of flying, which start up to four weeks before the flight. The course desensitises pets to what they could experience during a flight – the smell of fuel, the sounds of jet engines, cabin air pressure and the movements of air turbulence. Then, during the flight on the private jets, there are care kits, sleep mats, and “bio-organic” pet foods on board.

While flying regulations require that animals are kept on a leash or in a travel cage for take-off and landing, during flight pets can relax by their owner’s side on a handmade Labbvenn sleep mat. A full cabin re-clean is included as standard after every pet flight.

Owners can also opt for natural flower essences to add to their pets’ drinking water — to “aid relaxation during the flight.”

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