Jen Doll c.2019 The New York Times Company
8 minute read
11 Dec 2019
4:02 pm

What your email signature says about you

Jen Doll c.2019 The New York Times Company

There’s nothing like doing a story about email to make you feel really, really insecure about your own digital correspondence.

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While I’ve spent plenty of time worrying about whether to close with a “most defiantly yours” or an “xoxo,” that was where my thoughts about signing emails stopped (and I usually chose “best”). Signature blocks always felt a step too far: Pretentious or presumptuous (who was I to tell people who I was or what I’d done?), they seemed just not “cool” or “me.” They were trying in a way that appeared very much to be trying. For most of my working life, I didn’t use one. But I’d been missing out on a world of opportunity. It’s normal to...