Earl Coetzee
Premium News Editor
3 minute read
4 Dec 2019
12:08 pm

Nuraphone review: Headphones that adapt to your unique hearing

Earl Coetzee

After using them, all my other carefully curated headphones simply sound like cheap tin cans in comparison.

Nuraphone headphones. Picture: Nura

I really hate the Nuraphone headphones. See, when I first saw these headphones online, I assumed all the hype was simply due to the internet’s propensity for blowing things out of proportion. I also assumed the Nuraphones’ ability to personalise a unique sound signature for each individual user was just another gimmick, of which there are plenty. Well, was I wrong! Right out of the box, you can tell these are some high quality cans. If the R7,000 price tag didn’t already tell you so, these are some high LSM-bracket headphones. Built from flexible and tough steel, with silicone for...