This app can turn your iPhone into an iPod Classic

Apple iPod Classic. Picture: Stahlkocher / Wikimedia Commons

The design student plans to have the software complete by the end of the year.

Design student Elvin Hu tweeted a clip this week of an iPhone app he developed that turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic.

On Wednesday, Elvin Hu, a design student enrolled at Cooper Union college in New York, published a brief video of an app he created using Swift UI that turned his iPhone into an iPad Classic.

For those who have been missing the click wheel of the early 2000s and the album cover flow, or are just feeling nostalgic, this app resurrects that old-school Apple experience back to your fingertips.

Like the original, the application brings back a dial that reacts by haptic feedback and makes the classic “click” sounds when scrolling.

Based on the comments, Hu already has an enthusiastic audience that is interested in downloading and possibly purchasing such an app.

Tony Fadell, the engineer known as “the father of the iPod,” retweeted the clip captioning it “nice throwback”.

According to Hu, however, this app is still a work in progress. Hu told The Verge that whether or not it gets officially released will depend on Apple and whether they approve it. If they don’t, Hu stated, he may still release it as an open source project.

In any case, the designer plans to have the software complete by the end of the year after which we’ll be able to see what is made of this piece of nostalgia.

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