Citizen reporter
1 minute read
5 Aug 2019
9:24 am

Whatsapp could soon start censoring what you are saying

Citizen reporter

And to do it, Facebook plans to start sending your messages to external developers.


Facebook is considering spying on your Whatsapp chats with artificial intelligence in order to enforce its acceptable speech policy.

Facebook’s plan is to essentially be able to start preventing users from sharing content that violates the firm’s acceptable speech guidelines, but they have insisted that they will be able to do so without compromising the application of end-to-end encryption within the messaging service.

Experts have warned however that before AI did the work, Facebook would be forced to start sending your messages to developers to improve the AI’s functions. Concerns have also been raised that the development could pave the way for governments to force social media firms to spy on user messages for them.

One security expert Bruce Schneier has however cautioned that, “Once this is in place, it is easy for the government to demand that Facebook add another filter — one that searches for communications that they care about — and alert them when it gets triggered.”


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