Grand Theft Auto V embargo broken

Online retailer Amazon has apparently dispatched copies of Grand Theft Auto V before the game’s official release date.

The game is set to be available tomorrow, September 17, though a wave of customers have revealed that copies were shipped early by Amazon, has reported.

This despite a specific request by developer Rockstar not to ship ahead of time. In a statement provided to Games Industry, the developer said, “We are in the process of investigating early ‘sales’ to determine how and why that is occurring.”

High street retail outlets only received their copies of the game on Saturday with strict instructions not to begin selling before tomorrow. With the “street date” embargo already broken by Amazon, however, it remains to be seen if any bricks-and-mortar retailers decide to follow suit.

This is not the first pre-launch leak the games maker has had to cope with.

In August, Sony apologised to Rockstar after audio from the forthcoming title was leaked online, according to BBC News.

Customers who had pre-ordered the game were allowed to download a “locked” version, but some were able to extract audio that revealed some of the plot lines.



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