Life after lockdown: New realities of travel

Life after lockdown: New realities of travel

Tsavo East National Park in Kenya. Picture: iStock.

Like it or not, South Africans are going to have to discover their own country, as well as those of their near neighbours.

There’s a fine line between being locked down by the state and locked up by it. Right now, most South Africans are suffering from imprisonment heebie-jeebies: how else do you explain the outrage that erupted from the public when the government announced it was releasing a host of prisoners to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in overcrowded jails? Why should they go free while we remain confined, seemed to be the underlying feeling among generally law-abiding citizens. Like any prisoners, people who are restricted to their homes and (if they’re fortunate) workplaces are beginning to dream of life “outside the...




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