WATCH: Busta Rhymes arrested after air-rage incident

This is not the first time the rapper has been in trouble for his rage.

US rapper Busta Rhymes has been dragged off a flight after getting into an altercation with a fellow passenger in first class on his British airways flight.

Daily Mail has reported that the “I know what you want” singer boarded last carrying five suitcases then angrily confronted his seatmates about why there was no luggage locker space for him.

According to eyewitnesses the 47-year-old became “agitated, aggressive and rude'” and shouted insults at a woman in her 20s who is from London.

“Busta got on the plane and saw that this woman had put her luggage in his section of the overhead locker,” a fellow passenger told the website, adding that he demanded to know whose baggage it was. “This British woman stood up and said the bags belonged to her. He was ranting and raving, getting really angry and demanding to know why she had used his locker.”

The angry rapper was met in London by police officers after fellow passengers on his flight from JFK in New York requested assistance.

This is not the first time the rapper has let his temper get the better of him. Back in 2013 he famously flew into a rage when his party was not allowed to cut the queue in a burger takeaway. At the time witnesses said that Busta Rhymes had used homophobic slurs directed at the owner.

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