Tourists could be put to death for cheeky plane photos

Credit: Instagram

New harsh laws in Thailand will effectively close a popular holiday hotspot.

A beach in Thailand, popular for the planes that fly low over it to land, could soon become off limits, with the penalty for trespassing being as harsh as death.

Phuket International Airport deputy chief Wichit Kaeothaithiam last week told Bangkok Post thT taking photos at the nearby Mai Khao Beach will soon be illegal, despite it being a popular destination for tourists seeking to take close up photos with the landing jets.

Mr Kaeothaithiam said moving forward, the end of the beach near the runway will fall under a newly developed “off limits” safety zone, which will take effect soon.

“People and tourists will not be allowed to enter this area to take photos,” Mr Kaeothaithiam said.

The maximum penalty for trespassing on the beach will be death, but those infringing on the law are far more likely to receive a fine or time in prison.

The Thai authorities have been moved to make the new harsh laws as the constant business on the beach is seen as a distraction for pilots who are furiously concentrating on landing their passenger jets.

Increasingly tourists have been using drones and bright flashes to capture the perfect photo for Instagram. Authorities are hopeful the new safety zone at Phuket Airport will reduce the amount of drone and light interference with incoming planes.

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